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Kenneth A. Larson has been exposing film for almost 30 years. He has begun producing digitally styalized Photo-Art. Kenneth Larson is a designer and artist native to and living in the Los Angeles area. He has been involved in designing and building scenery for the motion picture industry for over a quarter century. Kenneth has recently started to make some of his art available to the public and to Interior Designers. Kenneth is an accomplished amateur photographer and computer graphics enthusiast. He combines these talents in producing both abstract and realistic images which Ken calls "Photo-Art."

These images are printed on an individual basis and are signed and numbered (front or back, your choice). Prices very with size. See Prices and Order Information page for details.

This is a new section. More art, paintings, ceramics, and photo-art will be added soon. This page not ready.
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Subject Series

Mission Series
Spanish/Mexican Period California


Images can be printed larger at lower resolution. Generally a home printer does fine at 100 dpi which would result in an image three times larger than listed.
Road Rage 99
12 1/2" x 15 1/2" at 300 dpi
Road Rage 99.
Lucern 'Wet' Dry Lake
32" x 21.3" at 300 dpi
Lucern "Wet" Dry Lake.
Clouds #1
10" x 6.8" at 300 dpi
Clouds #1.

11 1/2" x 7 1/2" at 300 dpi
Abstract 8273.

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