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Kenneth A. Larson has been exposing film (or digital) for over 30 years and has a large collection of images. While these images mostly include scenery and buildings, images exist for many other subjects. Ken is a native of Los Angeles County, California and has many images from the Los Angeles area. Ken has a few images of farm animals. Ken is making these images available at comparable prices for use in publications or graphic work. These images are not clip art and are copyright protected by Kenneth A. Larson, all rights reserved. These images are also available as printed art work for display. These images are also available as art work for Interior Design. These images are not mass-produced and are available on an individual basis. See prices and terms.

Kenneth A. Larson began photography in the mid-1970s when he needed a camera for an Environmental Design class. Later for is work designing and building scenery for motion pictures and television, he continued using photography to gather research photos. Since as a model maker, Ken built everything from mountains and caves to spaceships and buildings, he amassed a wide variety of subjects in his photographs. Ken has a large collection of photos of buildings, architecture, Spanish and Mexican adobes, Los Angeles beginning in the late 1970s, older structures of the 20th Century, historic buildings from the late 19th Century, among other subjects.


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Popularly called Telephone Poles, they are properly called Utility Poles because they carry not only telephone wires, but also electrical lines, television cables, fiber optic, and once carried telegraph lines. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. I find the diversity fascinating. Utility poles can have any number of cross arms and may not match the configuration of others in the same row. They can have no arms with just an insulator in the top or side, they can have one arm with an insulator on one end or both ends or with a third insulator on top of the pole. There can be one, two , three, four, five, or more cross arms on a pole. Sometimes some arms are rotated from the others and sometimes they cantilever off to one side. They are covered with insulators, amplifiers, transformers, tubes and pipes, boxes and gadgets, street lights and other lighting. Although not by company spec, they are sometimes covered with garage sale adds, lost pet announcements, and all manner or signage, staples, and nails. Connecting them to the ground are guy wires, and sometimes hoses. Between the poles, which may look completely different from the one on either side, are wires, lines, and cables. These also have a variety of accessories hanging off them. There are signal amplifiers, and switches, clamps, various objects to reduce swaying in the wind and increase visibility to aircraft, and a curious loop that I never understood. Then there are the various broken poles. Along back roads, I've seen broken poles no longer resting on the ground but hanging from the lines and cross bars with the poles completely missing. They clutter streets, line roads, cross fields. They are everywhere. They've ruined many a photo, so I decided to photograph the poles and wires themselves, thus making them the subject rather than an eyesore.
3072x2048; (D)
Power Poles
3072x2048; (D)
Power Poles.
3072x2048; (D)
3072x2048; (D)
3072x2048; (D)
3072x2048; (D)
2048x3072; (D)
Old Transformer
3072x2048; (D)
Old Transformer.

Electrical Transmission Towers

Power Tower
2048x3072; (D)
Power Tower.

Electrical Transmission Towers have their own page.
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