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Pricing on Stock Photos

Stock images are for use by one entity and are not to be resold or shared. Click here for terms of use.
Gold Star Gold Star images are Rights Managed, usually licensed for a one-time specified use. Click here for an agreement form in PDF format.
Many scans from film are available in a larger resolution than is listed. These higher resolution images are under the Gold Star Gold Star Rights Managed policy and are priced higher .
I request photo credit whenever possible.

We offer 50% discount on stock images for non-commercial (personal) use. Click here for terms of use.

I work with non-profit organizations. Please contact me if you have any special needs.
Schedule of prices for Stock Images
Small is about 600x400 pixels; Medium is about 1500x1000 pixels; Large is about 3072x2048 pixel; Highest is about 4000x 2800 pixels.
Usages Small Medium Large Highest, Rights Managed
Magazines (interior)
Magazines (exterior)
Newspapers $50 $65 $75
Books (interior)
Books (cover)
Feature Film, TV, Documentary*
Student Films, Training Films*
Contact Me
Advertising Contact Me Contact Me Contact Me Contact Me
Calendars $100 $130 $150
Brochures $65 $85 $100
Postcards $130 $170 $200
Notecards or other cards $130 $170 $200
Websites $65 $85 $100
Personal & Display (digital delivery) $65 $100 $130

*These are still images for use in moving film or video.
These prices are subject to change.
Bulk Prices for Digital Stock Prices:
Does not apply to printed images.
Must order at same time.

Quantity Discount
1 image 0%
2 images 5%
3 images 10%
4 images 15%
5-9 images 20%
10-14 images 30%
15-19 images 40%
20+ images 50%

CD Sets.

Size Pricing
Single disk - low resolution (600x400 pixels)
Single disk - high resolution (3000x2000 pixels)
$500 or as noted
Two disk sets - low resolution (600x400 pixels)
Two disk sets - high resolution (3000x2000 pixels)
$950 or as noted

Higherst resolution only available with individual image purchase.

Pricing on Research Photographs

Many of the photographs viewable on the photographer's several web sites were originally exposed for research use by the photographer in his own design work. Accordingly, many are of details. These images are printed on a standard ink jet printer on 8 1/2" x 11" ink jet photo paper. Cost is $50.00 each to cover printing, handling, and shipping in the US and Canada. Shipping outside the US or Canada is extra. If I do additional research, I charge $50.00 per hour.

Pricing on Printed Photographs and Photo-Art for Dispaly

These images can be printed on canvas, glossy ink jet photo paper, or traditional photo process - not available in all sizes. When printing on canvas or ink jet paper, we use UV archival ink. Ink is rated for one year in direct sun and almost indefinitely if away from direct sun. They can also be printed on traditional photo paper. This printing is done by third party service bureaus.

Printed to custom sizes up to 60 inches wide. Contact for quotes.

These prices are estimates and subject to change. E-mail for exact price. All rights reserved.

Example of Pricing Photographs for Display and Photo-Art
Size * Ink Jet Photo Paper (in house printer) Canvas Photo Printed (Service Bureau)
8x10 $90.00 $200.00 $150.00
11x14 N/A N/A $200.00
12x16 N/A $250.00 N/A
16x20 N/A $300.00 $250.00
20x30 N/A $350.00 $300.00
40x60 N/A $600.00 N/A
* Other sizes available.
Please note that all prices are "print only" prices. Framing is not available (see below).
Shipping is included for orders in the United States and Canada. California Sales Tax if applicable.
Overseas shipping is extra. Contact me for shipping costs.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
To order, select the images you want, then email us at as to size, material, and shipping method and location.

Pricing on Stationery

Cards are printed on quality card stock. They are blank on the inside. Envelopes included.

Calendars are not currently in production, but we are considering aa price of $10.00 each.

These prices are subject to change. All rights reserved.
Item Pricing
Individual Cards
10 Cards, Boxed
25 Cards, boxed $60.00
Calendars TBD
Postcards $.50
Other items TBD TBD
Plus shipping.

Painting, Sculpture, and Fine Art

Works of hand made individual art and sculpture are priced individually. See the price stated for each item found with art info and image. Shipping extra, varies with each piece and destination.

Ordering Information

Printed material: With the exception of research photos as described above, printing is not done "in-house." I used various service bureaus and photo labs for printing and the printing may take a few days depending on their schedule. Shipped by trackable shipper, 2-day shipping cost included for the US and Canada.

CDs: CDs shipped by trackable shipper, 2-day shipping cost included for the US and Canada. Individual images can be sent by Internet if you are in immediate need for use on a project.

Stock images: Stock images can be sent through the Internet or shipped on CD by trackable shipper.

Photos for display, art, stationary, and sculpture is shipped by trackable shipper. Next day and two-day shipping available at additional cost.

E-mail: Sales at K. L. Images

Phone: 1-818-368-6994

Kenneth A. Larson
Kesign Design Consulting
P. O. Box 8173
Northridge, CA 91327-8173

Other Information

More About Stock Images

Availability and Mediums

Stock images are sent as digital files on cd and individual images can be sent by Internet of you have an urgent need.
Some select stock digital images (Gold Star Gold Star) require a statement from you stating "one-time use" prior to shipping.

The majority of these images are available in various forms, from 35mm slide copies, to prints on various materials, to .tif digital files up to 50 MB in size.

Images can be printed on canvas or glossy ink jet photo paper using UV archival ink. Ink is rated for one year in direct sun and almost indefinitely if away from direct sun. They can also be printed on traditional photo paper.

Following production, which may take a few days, images can be shipped a variety of ways:
Registered mail. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks.
Next day delivery anywhere in North America and second day delivery anywhere in the world.
For some digital uses, such as small files or images for website usage, images can usually be e-mailed within 24 hours.

Returns, Refunds, Replacements

There is a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. Return prints or artwork in the original condition. For stock images, return the CD and delete all copies from you system and remove from projects and you are no longer licensed to use returned images. There is no return on research photos and information.

Damaged orders. Retain all materials until the shipper can investigate. I can make no refunds or replacements unless the shipper has investigated the damage and paid on the shipping insurance. All orders are insured and will be replaced upon return of original order and packing material. One-of-a-kind artworks will be refunded or replaced with similar - your choice.

Should you damage a print later, return it for a half-price replacement. One-of-a-kind artworks not included. Contact a local art restorer.

Color Correction

I generally do not perform color correction to these stock images. I leave it to the users to adjust to their individual needs. In many cases, these images are bracketed and if you need a lighter or darker version, we may be able to accommodate. I suggest you test if you can adjust the watermarked images here to your needs and note the settings. Then perform the same adjustments to the copy for which you purchase the license. I do sometimes make adjustment and these are designated with a (DA) in the description.

Framing and Matting

We do not provide framing for several reasons. A print can be shipped relatively inexpensively. A framed print increases the shipping costs many times. Also any glass used would probably be broken in shipping. Most towns have framing stores where you can buy the perfect frame for your situation. Another consideration is that your tastes in decorating may be different than ours and with so many options for frames, you are more likely to find a frame you like if you shop yourself and bring your own color samples to the framer.

Recommendations when buying a frame and matting. Use acid-free matting material or specify the framer use acid-free materials. Use anti-reflective glass. Also any material using artificial dyes will fade in direct sun light and over long periods of time. We use UV archival ink, but even this will fade in direct sunlight and over time. To ensure long term enjoyment of your prints, avoid direct sun or bright spaces. Use low UV lighting.

Signing and Numbering

Each print in the limited edition print series is signed and numbered on the front or back of the print (your choice). Print runs are limited to 250 prints to provide you with a greater value for your purchase.

Sources of images

I have thousands of slides to review and scan. I also have black and white and some color negative that will also eventually be reviewed and scanned. These scans will be 4,000 dpi. I have recently begun using a 6.3 mp digital camera (my first digital camera) and will upgrade soon. I am storing these images as compressed TIF files.


Like you, I don't like spam and junk e-mail. I never send unsolicited e-mail or advertising. Also I will never sell anyone's contact information. You will only hear from me if you contact me first. You will only receive the Newsletter if you request it. Credit Card information is handled by reputable third-party credit card processors. I never know your account information, only what you buy, contact information, and shipping information.

More About Stock Images

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